It was a Monday. A bright sunny day overlapped with a well spent weekend with my Family. “Monday Blues” or “Targets” or “Deadlines” or whatever you call it, was making me drag my feet to office. I reach office, put on my system to check my mails and the phone rings. It’s a “COLD CALL…!!!”. The only motivation for me to speak politely to the person on the other side of the call is the fact that in a short time from now even I will be getting on making COLD CALLS to generate some fresh leads for my business.

Isn’t this the same dilemma many of us go through in our endeavor to acquire new customers? Mr. Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone and there began the era of Cold Calling. The concept is as old as the invention of telephones. It was well received in those days as Computers and Internet were in their birthing stages and access to Information was limited. People loved listening to something that’s new. Someone connecting with them personally and taking interest in them and talking to them. Connectivity was limited and being Social meant meeting at weekends or parties.

It’s 2017 today. We are living in an age of Information Explosion and Big Data. An era where knowledge and information doubles every minute. We as individuals are generating enormous data through social Media and Chatting apps like Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Instagram, Pinterest to name a few. Is there anything left to be not known?

Any new product or service gets launched and here we get real time updates about it. Google has become our Knowledge Partner and You Tube our Media Partner feeding us with tones of Data and Information.

When my prospective lead knows so much about the Product or Service I am gonna offer, what will I Speak on the Call? No doubt, a call establishes the “Trust” and “Personal” factor, but it’s time we reinvent Cold Calling from the clichéd ‘Trust’ and ‘Personal’ Factor.

No wonder Cold Calling is the basic tenet of sales, but how do we engage our leads in a meaningful conversation to take this beautiful art of Cold Calling to the next level and adjust it to the age of Social Media. Would love to know your views, suggestions and comments. Let’s make selling a wonderful experience both to the Seller as well as the Buyer.

Harshal Bhalerao
Director – Strategy, Branding, Content Development and Licensing

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Asterizk is taking an initiative to bring together all those Working Professionals who are Directly or Indirectly Connected to Sales and Cold Calling for a 2 Day Power Discussion on exploring ways to re-invent the Cold Calling aspect of Sales.

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